Moving as an opportunity to simplify my life

As it turns out, I’m unexpectedly moving. Well, not *totally* unexpectedly; I just didn’t plan to move this soon.

And now is the perfect time to purge: I have way too much stuff that doesn’t ever leave boxes, but get hauled from one box to another to another as I move. Things that I’ve been given (and just last weekend, I was given some free samples of low-grade peridot / olivine to work with, just after I’ve decided to only work with rubies and sapphires. Even I can’t say “no” sometimes.)

There’s a jacket that doesn’t fit right (too short in the sleeves, too tight across the shoulders) that’s an odd cut and has the most hideous lining — lilac and pink polyester swirls. I know you can’t see it, but *I* know it’s there. What was I thinking? And my super comfortable shoes that are just soooo nice to wear but look totally ratty, and the leather has come off the sole and it’s beyond repair — they’re well and truly at the end of a long and happy life. I can’t even *give* these away to charity.

Right now the most tempting and easy option is to just pack everything up, move it across town, and promise myself that I’ll sort it all when I get there. Yeah, right. I’ve said that to myself far, far too often. So now I’m going to do CONSCIOUS packing — which requires mental effort and discipline. I’ll report back next week on how I went with my conscious packing.

Wish me luck. 🙂

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