Goals for 2013

Yes folks, I’ve made the move. I’ve got new (temporary) accommodation close to town and transport, my stuff in boxes — I’ve sorted through a whole lot of stuff, and discarded, given away or am selling a lot of things.

The move showed me that I’ve got a long way to go in my goal of simple, minimalist living, but it also showed me how far I’ve come. I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2013 (my goals for 2012 went south: out of 21 listed goals, I achieved nine. Nine. I guess finishing a master’s degree was a bit more taxing than I imagined it would be.)

And I know that there’s a lot to be said for having no goals (try mnmlist or theminimalists¬† for their take on no goals), but I still want something to move towards at this point in my journey. Maybe down the track I won’t, but then again, maybe I will. I just don’t know yet, and I don’t feel that I have to.

I’ve decided that one of my goals is to have everything physical in my life sorted out. My filing, my wardrobe, my photographs, the paraphernalia… everything. I remember one time in my life (wayyyyy back in the 90s!) when I did have everything sorted out, and it felt good.

So I’ll make my goal-declaring as public as possible, and I’ll happily welcome other people to post their goals in the comments section, something to remind them, put a structure of accountability in place. With this in mind, here are my goals for 2013:


  1. Have everything sorted out. Know where everything is, and have it on lists. I will have several lists, for example, clothing, filing, stuff in boxes. And hopefully, most of the stuff in boxes will be gone. Mike For Short has written a list of his stuff, which I find inspiring.
  2. Have my tax up to date. Currently, it is not up to date; nothing like up to date, in fact.
  3. Start on my PhD. I’ve come to realise that I’m passionate about commercialising biotechnology, so the sooner I get started the better. I am currently drafting a study proposal for RMIT.
  4. Take up swimming and yoga. I want to be healthier than I am, and those are the two exercises that seem to benefit me most, healthwise.
  5. I’ve been making jewellery for a couple of years, I’d like to make myself some cuff links and cut a few stones for friends and family.

That’s about as much as I feel I want to try and handle in 2013, and if I get all that done I’ll be mighty pleased. What are you goals for 2013?


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