Wouldn’t it be nice?

If you know the Abraham Hicks material, there’s a game called “Wouldn’t it be nice?”. Basically it releases resistance, as you ask “wouldn’t it be nice if [insert desired manifestation]?”.

And I’ve been planning to have surgery for over a year, but the timing for me to have it right now is impeccable. Wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t have to miss any work to have this procedure? Wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t cause my students to have a gap in my teaching schedule?

And then there’s the procedure itself: wouldn’t it be nice if it was painless? Wouldn’t it be nice if I recovered so quickly that the doctors were amazed?

Well here I am typing less than 24 hours after surgery, which was longer and bigger than I expected. Yet here I am, firing on all eight cylinders, pain-free with just a bit of congestion.

Wouldn’t it be nice is much more powerful than I thought. Isn’t that nice? 🙂

6 Responses to “Wouldn’t it be nice?”

  1. Desma Russo Says:

    +That’s great Steve! Very inspiring!
    I am reading “The Magic”, which is the follow up book to “The Secret”. It has simple but great exercises.

  2. Sebastian Aristos Says:

    Thanks for sharing your successes, Steve. Very inspiring. I’ve been using the same technique since you told me about it and have also had success with it. Good to read your blog. I look forward to seeing you soon

  3. Liara Covert Says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to encounter everything you need with perfect timing? Wouldn’t it be nice to discover uplifting blogs with inspirational ideas that guide you on your journey? Love your message. Love Abraham teachings and Esther Hicks. Love all that arises and everything is always unfolding perfectly.

    • livewithlesslivewithmore Says:

      LOVE IT!

      Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if everything unfolded at exactly the right time (which funnily enough, it seems to do…)

  4. Julie Says:

    Hi. How can I subscribe to your blogs. I find your blogs very inspiring ~ Julie, Yirrkala NT

    • livewithlesslivewithmore Says:

      Hi Julie,
      I’m still finding my way round blogging myself, so I don’t know yet! I post every Tuesday, hope that helps.

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