Minimalism and Emergencies

Things have gotten rather behind in terms of minimalism, clutter, and even basic housework of late.

No, it hasn’t been laziness, I just haven’t been well. I had surgery a few weeks ago on my nose (which has been a resounding success). It was something I wanted for positively ages, and the timing was impeccable — I didn’t have to miss any school (I teach chemistry part-time) so everything went well.

Until last week. At which point, I got a raging sinus infection. I went through the motions last Wednesday teaching (thank goodness we were in a tutorial session — I’m glad I wasn’t in a lab, much less pouring concentrated nitric acid over copper filings (as I have done in the past). With Easter coming up, I knew I needed to see a doctor and get some antibiotics now.

And I did. And as of Saturday, I started making sense. I’m now on the repeat prescription of the antibiotics, and I’m still getting over this.

So, what does this mean for my minimalist experiment?

I’ve fallen behind. I’ve got a whole lot of cleaning up to do, a lot of tidying up to do, and I have the Ironing Basket That Ate Paris sitting in my room. Or so it seems, as it glares malevolently at me in my bedroom. (And I really am going to have to do some of it soon, I’m running out of clothes to wear.) Right now, if you had a look at my room, you wouldn’t think I was a minimalist; slob is more the word that comes to mind.

And I don’t care. For several reasons.

Firstly, first things first: the first thing is my health and wellbeing. If my tidy room or my ironing has to wait, it can damned well wait. I need to take time out, recover: rest and recuperation is definitely a priority.

Secondly, my room was tidy enough to begin with that the amount of mess I’ve made in a week is quickly cleaned up. I can quickly sort through, iron, vacuum, and get everything done in an afternoon or two. Today’s a quiet, rainy afternoon, and the only things I really needed to do were return some library books (done) and blog (doing).

And I don’t have to have it all done in one session. Just getting the ironing sorted will be a huge step forward.

So, what’s the take home message here?

Be tidy, be minimalist, be organised by all means: but don’t be obsessive. Look after your health and wellbeing first and foremost and let everything fall into place after that. My diary has a lot of things that I’m postponing for a few days, even a week; this too is OK. As long as there’s food in the house and I get plenty of rest, things are going to be OK for me. I expect by next week I’ll have tidied up the mess that’s there right now (I’ll keep you posted).

So remember: first things first. And health and wellbeing are always first — they trump any ace!

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One Response to “Minimalism and Emergencies”

  1. Sir Riverson Says:

    I thought the ‘Ironing Basket That Ate Paris’ was the name of a book, given that all the words in that particular phrase happened to be capitalized, much like in the typical fashion one would write the title of a book or other work, and thought that to be a particularly good name for a book.

    P.S. Your page could use more minimalism, I think it’d compliment the writing.

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