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Minimalist moving

10 July 2013

It’s been an unusual couple of weeks for me; regular followers of this blog may have noticed that I missed the last two Tuesday blog posts. I’m a creature of habit, and normally I’ve made it an ironclad rule to post on a Tuesday, every Tuesday, so something is up. Today’s post is to make up for yesterday’s omitted one and to explain my recent absence.

I’m moving interstate. Last Tuesday I flew up to Sydney for a job interview. Now, I’ve been job-hunting and gotten nowhere quite a lot, so I wasn’t expecting much, but I was determined to do my best. I was offered the position on the spot. And here’s the kicker: they offered an extra 12k provided I move up quickly.

And here’s where being a minimalist came in: I will have my bags and boxes sorted, packed and ready for the move as quickly as they want me. Which means my minimalism has already earned me 12k per annum. Not to mention the lack of storage fees (I will pay a small amount for the small amount of stuff I have — $10 / week – until I move it, which won’t take long.

So basically I’m taking my clothes, medicines, documentation, and a few personal effects.

Minimalism: FTW!