Having had to move house several times within a year made me realise just how much stuff that I have. Not only that, but move after move after move I was hauling heavy boxes that never got opened anyway. And the point of this was, exactly? Back injury?

What I found that stuff — or clutter, to call it its proper name — was dragging me down. Whenever I looked at my piles of clutter I didn’t feel any joy in owning any of it: it just weighed me down like lead weights. The idea of even sorting my stuff out overwhelmed me, and the sense of overwhelm is what defines clutter.

At the same time, I came to realise that what matters to me isn’t the stuff that I own: it’s the people I connect with, it’s the experiences I have. And while it’s nice sometimes to have souvenirs of these things, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Time to scale back on the clutter, and experience what I really want to experience in life: happiness, which comes through connections and new experiences.

In the blog it’s my journey to being clutter free, and more importantly, living a full life. I’ll be posting some how-to pages with handy tips, and I welcome constructive comments. Hopefully you’ll find some useful tips and tricks among the information I post here.

I’m Steve, a forty something fifty something guy with a background in biotech / pharma, just done an MBA and now about to start my Ph. D. I’m originally from Sydney, Australia, but early in 2000 I moved down south to Melbourne. I’m an avid traveler with a list of places that are “must see” (Iceland’s at the top of the list right now), and for fun I cut and polish gemstones and set them into jewellery.  I’m very fond of lists (as you’ll see from the blog), and I live in beautiful downtown West Melbourne, Australia.


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