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For those about to swim, we salute you!

21 May 2013

My month of focus for May is swimming. The reason that swimming is my focus this month is that I noticed I have the really bad habit of saying “I’m going swimming”, listing it in my diary, and not following through. So I’ve booked myself into a swimming lesson (I can swim, but I tend to flail around a bit more than I should), which gives me free access to the pool between lessons. Bonus.

In the meantime I’m on the hundred pushups program. I’m repeating week 5 — I missed out on graduating to week 6 by one measly push up. On the up side, the regimen has now got a whole lot harder — I moved from column 1 of week 5 to column 3, which is a whole lot of scary. I did nearly 200 pushups yesterday, and as a result my pectorals are pumped. Engorged. Sadly, my white t-shirt is in the wash, otherwise this would be the perfect day to wear it. 🙂

And every Thursday I do yoga. Yes, I’d like to do more yoga more often: I plan to make it my focus for the month of July (June has been dedicated to vegetables: the month of June, that is, not Mama June from Honey Boo Boo Child. I don’t think that woman would know a vegetable if one came up and bit her in the @rse…).

But I digress. I have scheduled greater physical activity into my life: and importantly, I’m doing it with a minimum of expense, equipment, and bother. Yes, running is an option, but not for me — I get severe asthma after a few steps, and I’m just not built for running. I am built for swimming — my late father was a state champion swimmer,  so there’s no point in fighting genetics. May as well go along with what I’ve got.

The main point to make is this: you can be fit without a lot of expense, equipment, and stuff. How many people have the latest ab-blaster pro or whatever they bought on an infomercial at 2am sitting in a basement or garage? You don’t need an ab-blaster pro: you need to do crunches. It’s not hard.

I used to think that I needed a gym membership and regular attendance (and lots of equipment) to be fit. How wrong I was. Now I don’t go near a gym: I do pushups, yoga, started swimming; and when I go home by public transport, I take the train. Guess what? The railway station is at the bottom of a very, very steep hill; my home is at the top of aforementioned steep hill. I walk up the hill nearly every day — brilliant workout!

To sum up: find a few exercises that work for you and incorporate them into a program. It could involve a Swiss ball, running, walking, jogging, swimming, pushups, yoga… find out what works for you. And let me know your thoughts!